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Why us - see the difference

Why Us

Products we use

Service & Maintenance

Air controls and maintenance in one

What ever your air conditioning problem, we can resolve it properly, finally and economically.

We are proud of our position as industry leaders in service technical excellence and custom solutions, large and small

Not only do we have written guarantees to back up our unrivaled claims, we also provide a range of qualifications and technical expertise to suit your specific requirements.

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Air conditioning systems, components and engineering

We can deliver a full range of air conditioning systems and components, plus we can tell you exactly what the best options are for you through our engineering services and dual qualifications.


We boast advanced skills and experience in electronic controls which, when integrated with our air conditioning qualifications and experience, means we understand your equipment performance and behaviour better than anyone.

Our range of solutions includes both mechanical services, control systems and full BMS service, which allows us to guarantee that our results will solve your comfort and equipment problems, regardless of how complex, intermittent or problematic they are.

Cold, flu & virus control

Does your staff suffer from loss of productive time because of cold, flu and virus during the winter months?  Talk to us about our solution, which gently distributes a fully natural product that kills bacteria and inhibits the spreading of colds, flu and virus.

A simple phone call is all it takes for us to address your concerns.

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Services & Maintenance

If you are interested in better comfort conditions, reduced power bills and extended equipment life, we can identify ways to achieve better results than others during standard routine maintenance due to our advanced dual qualifications.


Our fully qualified, accredited and experienced service staff can attend your site with minimal delay to carry out any service and repairs at your request.  We are on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year for your convenience.

Installation & Commissioning

If you need an air conditioning system replaced or a new system installed, we can help out with not only the prompt supply and installation, but also advice on which system is best for your application and full commissioning services.

Control Systems

As a standard part of our service, we will make recommendations for adjustments, modifications or installation of controls to benefit you.

If you ever have need for changes to the way your air conditioning works we can assess your systems, make recommendations and quote on options that you often can’t find elsewhere.

If your premises suffers from common problems such as changing heat load in board rooms, meeting rooms or offices with afternoon sun on the windows, we have a range of solutions to alleviate the problem.


Our fully qualified, licensed and experienced tradespeople will ensure that maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, minimise power consumption, maximise the cooling and heating capacity right when you need it and optimise your comfort conditions

Just email or call and we can provide an obligation free quotation for your requirements.

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