Air conditioning systems, components and engineering

We can deliver a full range of air conditioning systems and components, plus we can tell you exactly what the best options are for you through our engineering services and dual qualifications.


We boast advanced skills and experience in electronic controls which, when integrated with our air conditioning qualifications and experience, means we understand your equipment performance and behaviour better than anyone.

Our range of solutions includes both mechanical services, control systems and full BMS service, which allows us to guarantee that our results will solve your comfort and equipment problems, regardless of how complex, intermittent or problematic they are.

Cold, flu & virus control

Does your staff suffer from loss of productive time because of cold, flu and virus during the winter months?  Talk to us about our solution, which gently distributes a fully natural product that kills bacteria and inhibits the spreading of colds, flu and virus.

A simple phone call is all it takes for us to address your concerns.

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